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‘Bachelor Pad’ Pair Join Stars Participating in Tanna Frederick’s Project SOS: Surf 24 Celeb Surfathon

Shaun Tomson, Tanna Frederick

“Bachelor Pad” pair Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi are among the personalities who’ll be out in the surf, on behalf of the surf, at this year’s Project SOS: Surf 24 Celebrity Surfathon Oct. 15-16 in Santa Monica.  Tate Donovan, Jesse Spencer, Gregory Harrison, “Mad Men’s” John Slattery, Chad Lowe, Zoe Bell and more will be out on the waves as well.

“We’ve got more and more celebrities coming,” reports Tanna Frederick, the “Hollywood Dreams” star who co-founded the event with former world champion surfer Shaun Tomson — and who puts countless hours into it each year.  “I love doing Project Save Our Surf.  It’s a huge insane workload, but one of the most graifying things I’ve ever done in my life.”

Says Frederick, “This year, we have a big emphasis on kids and kids’ activities, and first-time surfers event.  The winner gets an iPad, which I think is pretty cool.”  She adds, “We have a lot of activities spread out over the two days — African Drum Circles, kite flying, free food….There’ve been a lot of misconceptions about this being just a surfer event.  It’s not.  It’s for the whole community.”

However, celebrities who surf and famous surfers are still a draw for the event that raises funds and awareness for eco-minded charities.  “I think when there’s something like this that’s fun and celebratory of the environment, people are more likely to participate and conserve and preserve the oceans,” enthuses the energetic red-haired actress.  “I think it creates better energy than, you know, panicking about our situation, which is another way to go.”

Tanna Frederick Tries Out Life as a Dog

Tanna Frederick

Red-tressed “Queen of the Lot” star Tanna Frederick made a New Year’s wish to get back on stage, she tells us – and, lo and behold, a last-minute opportunity presented itself to take on the lead role of the title dog in A.R. Gurney’s “Sylvia,” opening tonight (1/14) at the Sierra Madre playhouse outside L.A..

“It’s a role I’ve been wanting to play for a long time.  This play was originally written for Sarah Jessica Parker, who did it in New York.  It’s the most charming story about a dog’s relationship to its owner.  This husband brings a dog home, the wife doesn’t want the dog. and it really becomes this love triangle,” reports Tanna.

She’s prepared for the role by – what else? – hanging out with her dog, a Shiba Inu “that looks like a little wolf.  She gets distracted easily.  She can smell people from, like, a block away. She’s always hungry, always wants to be petted.”

Tanna reports there will be a special performance benefiting the ASPCA Feb. 3.

By then, she’ll be preparing for another stage role, at L.A.’s Edgemar Center for the Arts.  “It’s called ‘Afterlife,’ and it’s very serious and difficult material, completely different material from ‘Sylvia.’”  She’ll be rehearsing “Afterlife” by day, romping around as a dog by night.

Henry Jaglom Touts Noah Wyle Performance, Pooh-Poohs Tabloid Tales

Tanna Frederick, Noah Wyle

Henry Jaglom is looking forward to unveiling a heretofore unseen Noah Wyle when his “Queen of the Lot” hits screens, beginning in October.  Says the esteemed indie filmmaker, “He totally breaks that ‘ER’ image.  He shows enormous depth and has a quality about him like those old movie stars – Jimmy Stewart and Henry Fonda – a kind of earnestness and charm.”

Speaking of his leading lady, Tanna Frederick, Jaglom adds that Wyle also “sparks with Tanna to an amazing degree.  She’s really met her match here.”

That sparking ignited tabloid reports that had the “Queen of the Lot” couple continuing their burning passion off camera, particularly as Wyle and his wife of 11 years separated last year.  However, Jaglom is quick to say, “They made that up.  Nobody was more surprised than Noah and Tanna to see that.  It’s kind of a tribute to their chemistry; people would like it to be real.”

Henry Jaglom

We erred the other day in indicating that Noah, as well as some others in the ”Queen of the Lot” cast, were playing themselves.  He’s playing the kind of reporter who covers celebrity scandals, as a matter of fact.  Jaglom stresses, “I surrounded Tanna and Noah with such a great supporting cast, I want to be sure they get credit.”  That cast includes Peter Bogdanovich, playing a “down on his luck director” who is a member of the multi-generational Hollywood family at the heart of the movie.  The matriarch is played by Kathryn Crosby, a.k.a. Kathryn Grant, a.k.a. Bing Crosby’s widow.  Mary Crosby is playing the daughter.  Dennis Christopher of “Breaking Away” also has a role.

“It’s a backstage look at the breakdown of the Hollywood studio system through this family.” And Frederick’s starlet character, Margie – who now goes by Maggie — is “a young woman trying to figure out a way to reconstitute it,” Jaglom says.

“Queen of the Lot” is the sequel to Jaglom’s 2007 “Hollywood Dreams,” which has acquired a cult following thanks to Tanna’s fearless performance and Jaglom’s way with Hollywood insider content.  Don’t be surprised if there’s a third Maggie film.  First, though, he’s making the movie version of his play “Just 45 Minutes From Broadway” – shooting now – with Tanna starring and Mary also in the cast.

Surf-Loving Stars Unite for Surf-Athon Event, Helping Gulf

Tanna Frederick

“Hollywood Dreams” star Tanna Frederick reports that Gregory Harrison will be among the hard-core surfers riding the waves in the after-midnight hours tonight (6/19) night at Huntington Beach during the Third Annual Project SOS: Surf 24.

Other famous surf-loving dudes and dudettes involved include “True Blood’s” Sam Trammel, “House’s” Jesse Spencer, “24’s” Eric Balfour, Zoe Bell of “Grindhouse,” one-time “Baywatch” hunk David Chokachi, Sean Patrick Flanery, Chad Lowe, and Tanna herself.  The flame-tressed beauty tells us the event “has turned into something I never dreamed could possibly happen.  This year, in light of the situation in the Gulf, it’s especially inspiring and hopeful.”

Heal the Bay, Inside the Outdoors, and the Surfrider Foundation are beneficiaries of the fundraiser.  Frederick says, “We’re going to be announcing our next project, the Save Our Surf Gulf Alert, going down to the Gulf and volunteering – a grassroots, hands-on activity to create change.”  For more information, visit http://www.projectsaveoursurf.org/ .

Frederick says she and her cofounders, surfing champs Shaun Tomson and PT Townend, aimed to take the artistic element brought in by Hollywood and the surf culture of Huntington Beach, toss them together and see what colors we get” when they started the event.  It’s grown exponentially since then.  The centerpiece is its 24-hour surf-athon with pros and amateurs being judged by a panel before a crowd of thousands. The pier will be lit up all through the night.  There’s an eco-ocean fair.  The surfer hangout Duke’s is staying open overnight to accommodate visitors.  There’s also a screening of the classic surf movie “North Shore,” and, she reports, “The cast and crew is coming – Nia Peebles, John Philbin, Randall Kleiser….”

Judd Nelson is being presented with a new award, named in honor of the late Dennis Hopper, who “quietly was a huge supporter of ours.”

Catherine Bell Glad Adulterous Love Scenes Over

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell

Catherine Bell is relieved that her “Army Wives” extramarital affair is behind her – though viewers will certainly be seeing repercussions of her character, Denise’s indiscretion becoming public knowledge in the third season of the hit Lifetime series, which gets underway June 7.

 “There’s been so much to play it’s been challenging in a great way,” says Bell.  The adultery storyline has been tough, she admits.  “My husband and I just had our 15th wedding anniversary, and I’m a proponent of all the things that make a marriage work – faithfulness, trust and honesty – so this was definitely unfamiliar territory.” 

Even shooting the sexy scenes gave her pause.  “To kiss and be semi-naked with someone else on the set?” she says.  “I’ve been forced to dig in and try to be a better actress.”

How does her husband, actor-writer Adam Beason, feel about her doing those love scenes?  “He’s great.  I can’t imagine anyone being better about it,” she says.  “He doesn’t have a jealous bone in his body.  He’ll be like, ‘Oh, you had a love scene?’  Very casual.  If the situation was reversed, I would be interrogating him: ‘You touched her where?  Did you like it?’  All those things,” she admits with a laugh.

 Bell doesn’t foresee the changes in military policy under President Obama – topped by his planned withdrawal of troops from Iraq – affecting the series’ stories much.  She notes, “Our show has always really been about the families.  That doesn’t change.  There are still those issues of families parting, marriages breaking apart and getting back together, of adjustments having to be made, whether the husbands and wives are going to Iraq or Afghanistan.”

Denise now will be seen facing the fact “everyone thinks she was a terrible person.  There are going to be a lot of scenes with Frank this season,” Bell notes, speaking of her series spouse, Maj. Frank Sherwood, played by Terry Serpico.  “We’re having to face the reality of what this (affair) has done to us.”  

THE BIG SCREEN SCENE:  With a string of films awaiting release, “Hollywood Dreams” actress Tanna Frederick is “looking forward to a dynamic shift” in audience perception about her.  Her “Hollywood Dreams” character, the issue-riddled, anything-to-be-a-star actress Margie Chizek earned her critical acclaim and armloads of festival awards.  But it had its down side, too, she admits with a laugh.  “That was kind of difficult, kind of ballsy now that I look at it — to come out of the gate with a character so abrasive, off putting and intense.  People thought that’s who I was.  Men jumped three feet backwards when they saw me.  I had people say, ‘Oh, you scare me,’ and I’d say, ‘No!  I’m not like that.'”

The red haired beauty’s association with filmmaker Henry Jaglom continues with “Irene in Time,” due for limited release June 19, with Victoria Tennant, Andrea Marcovicci, Karen Black and David Proval.  “I play a much more contained, more grounded girl in that.  Her history is that she lost her father when she was 13, and she has problems trying to find the right man.  No one can measure up.  It’s really interesting to watch the women watch it.  They go crazy for it.  They leave the theater bawling.” 

However, Tanna is back to Margie form with the “Hollywood Dreams” sequel, “Queen of the Lot,” due later this year, in which she stars opposite Noah Wyle.  He plays a sleazy Hollywood reporter.  “It gets even better,” she says, adding that her character is now trying to go by Margery.  Tanna admits that one scene gave her quite a challenge: “a scene where Noah comes into the kitchen and I’m chewing and spitting Mallomars …It’s hard to be somewhat charming, alluring and sexy while regurgitating.” 

Yep, that would be hard.  Luckily, she says, “Noah is so great he makes any woman look good.”

 GLASS ACT:  It looks like Fox will have a bonafide hit in the fall with its refreshingly funny and entertaining show “Glee,” which premiered its pilot episode last week to 10.7 million viewers.  Its version of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” also soared to number two on iTunes before the night was even over.  The biggest smash hit came from the big voice of Broadway star Lea Michele, who is reminiscent of a young Idina Menzel from “Wicked” fame.  But at least Michele was smashing things with her voice and not her car this time around.  She recently revealed that on her way to her callback she got into a car accident right in front of the Fox studios.  She left her crashed car in the middle of the street, ran to her audition, and shook glass out of her hair as she prepared to sing.  Now that’s what we call dedication! 

SECOND TIME AROUND:  Vivica A. Fox tells us it was a big boost in the confidence department when she was asked to host TV Land’s “The Cougar,” especially since, “This was my second hosting gig.  Before that I hosted ‘Glam God’ on VH1.  I actually got ‘The Cougar’ right after that got cancelled, which was really good for my ego,” says the actress with a laugh.  “I thought ‘Glam God’ was a good show but we came out during the Olympics and the Democratic National Convention so how could you compete with that?”  When not in front of the camera, Fox says she’s trying to spend more time producing her own projects.  “I love producing the product that I present to my audience.  It makes me feel really good what my name carries.  That I can get the investors, that I can get the cast, that I make projects that I’m proud of, is really important to me.” 

With reports by Emily-Fortune Feimster