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Comic Doug Benson Likes To Break The Mold and Be ‘Fawkward’

Doug Benson Comedy Central photo

Comic Doug Benson likes the idea of breaking the mold and “doing standup comedy in a different way” – a fact he makes clear in his “The Benson Interruption” show that launches on Comedy Central Nov.  5 at midnight.

The show captures Doug interrupting other comedians in the middle of their acts, a bit he’s been doing live at comedy clubs for a while.  Benson pals Adam Carolla, Nick Swardson, Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn, Thomas Lennon, Mary Lynn Rajskub and Eugene Mirman are aboard for the initial six episodes.  Explains Doug, “When you put comics together in front of an audience, you just say ‘Go.’  It becomes about who is the alpha comic.

“It’s a cross between fun and awkward.  If you smash those together, you get ‘fawkward,’ a new thing, a word that goes over the title of the show and lets people know, it’ s not all going to go smoothly.”

Benson has certainly ventured into “fawkward” territory before.   One of his comedy bits that gained an oddball popularity had him calling actor Willem Dafoe a $#!@-head for no good reason.   Fans made t-shirts.  “It could be terribly unsettling, even for a well-known actor, what I did,” he acknowledges.  Doug quit doing the bit.  He says he’s never met Dafoe, and guesses “he’s blissfully unaware of what I was doing.  if I did meet him, I would just have to explain to an extremely scary-looking man that he’s a fine actor who’s been in a lot of downright successful or peculiar movies and no one would say that about him.  That’s why I called him a $#@-head.”

Maybe you had to be there.