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David Hasselhoff: You Can’t Keep Guys Like Me and Shatner Down

Get out your jingle bells.  David Hasselhoff is coming toward us Saturday (11/10) as a very merry guy who helps clients get through the holidays in style in “The Christmas Consultant,” a Lifetime movie he says he glommed onto because it’s family-oriented, and so is he.

Hasselhoff also tells us he is in negotiations for a show that would bring him back into the reality TV realm, this time on the Travel Channel, and that he plans to tour the U.S. with his one-man “An Evening With David Hasselhoff” stage show next year.  That show’s already been a success in Europe and the U.K, where the former “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider” star continues to have an avid following.

Will his “Evening With” show fare as well back home?  Followers of the Hasselhoff saga are well aware his life has been fraught with trauma, from past battles with booze to public derision.  However, he says, “I always feel that I’m staying mobile and staying positive.  It’s like William Shatner, you know?  You can’t keep guys like us down.  No matter what is said about us, or who’s made fun of us, we’re able to laugh at ourselves and move forward.  Life is about waking up and smelling the coffee,” he continues.

“I look at my dad and he’s 87 and he’s still a positive, incredible man.  That’s why I took this movie. I’d rather have a perfect kids’ movie, like ‘Home Alone,’ than play Santa’s rough-around-the-edges helper” — another role he says the network dangled before him.

So, does Hasselhoff feel a kinship with Shatner?

“I’ve seen his show before, in concert,” the Hoff replies.  “I’ve spoken to him several times.  We’re actually managed by the same guy so we have a lot in common.  I

really like his work ethic.”

Hasselhoff can identify with working hard on multiple fronts.  His home is “always rockin’ with a lot of different projects,” he says.

He already has investors lined up for his “Evening With” tour, he informs.  He’s looking forward to communing with audiences across the U.S.A., including the young crowd that knows him from “The Spongebob Squarepants Movie” or his short-lived “Hoff.”

“People are so kind to me and they seem to get it.  They know I am resilient.  To have a long and happy life, you have to be resilient,” he notes.

Meanwhile, there’s “The Christmas Consultant.”

Hasselhoff says that as soon as he read the script, he told his agent “100 per cent book it.” He explains, “I’ve been a fan of Christmas movies my whole life.  As a matter of

Fact, one important piece of information that I’ve never shared with anybody is I’ve been living on the same block where they filmed ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’  The backlot, where they built the town — Bedford Falls — is exactly four blocks from my house.  That was pointed out to me by one of my associates, my musical director, who is a real movie buff.  We’re in Encino, where they built Bedford Falls.  That is so amazing to me, because that is a movie that has so touched my heart.  Being in a Christmas movie that is family-oriented and very emotional and very fun is a great honor.  It’s cool, it’s really cool.”

SPEAKING OF FAMILY FARE:  Kristin Chenoweth makes a much — much — better host for the American Humane Association’s Hero Dog Awards than

Carson Kressley, who emceed the canine kudofest last year.  Cute as Carson can be, his campy humor was a weird mix with the often heart-tugging, sometimes heart-wrenching

honors — kind of like putting a hot pink frame on a George Earl painting.

Talk about heroics!  Among the eight honoree dogs, for example, is Jynx, a German Shepherd who sniffed out a gunman who was lying in wait to ambush a group of sheriffs on his trail, then attacked the gunman, then tried to pull his mortally-wounded handler to safety.  The widow accepted on behalf of Jynx, who now lives with her and her baby daughter.

Joey Lawrence, Pauley Perette, Kellie Martin, Denise Richards, Naomi Judd, Mark Steines and Jake T. Austin were among the celebrity attendees at the Beverly

Hilton event, airing tonight (11/8) on The Hallmark Channel.  Jewel was in great voice performing for the crowd.  And Carson — well, he was a good enough sport to do a little

comedy bit on tape.

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