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‘Daily Helpline’ Therapist Miles Adcox Aiming for Oprah Territory

miles adcoxThere’s nothing like aiming high. Nashville-based therapist and life coach Miles Adcox says that when it comes to dealing with the personal problems of real-life people on TV in a non-exploitative way, “the best example of that, who was great at it, is Oprah Winfrey — and anybody who is even thinking about doing a talk show uses her as a reference.”

He’s certainly had occasion to do more than just think about Oprah of late. Come July 14, the handsome wellness workshop entrepreneur and entertainment industry favorite will be seen co-hosting Fox’s new “The Daily Helpline” with radio advice talk show host Spirit. Everyday folks with problems from overcoming abuse to battling cancer, coping with teen pregnancy to confronting sexual woes show up in person in the studio, or contact Adcox and Spirit via social media.

(Requests were already streaming in weeks ago.) Celebrities including Marie Osmond, Tom Green, TLC’s Tionne Watkin, Loni Love, Tabatha Coffey and Brandy guest in segments to weigh in with their own opinions and experience.

So there is quite a bit of potential for exploitation — depending upon how the show is done.

Adcox admits, “The therapy world is often scared of the media world and vice versa, because we feel like media is about sensationalism and we don’t want to do that. But the truth is we can reach way more people with a media platform than we could ever do one person at a time in our office, so that’s why I wanted to be involved” — in a healthy, Oprah-esque way.

“She didn’t come across as another expert dropping advice from 10,000 feet and hoping something would change. She was real. She was vulnerable. She connected with people,” Adcox points out. “And people had healing experiences on her show because of how good a listener she was. I haven’t seen that recreated since she left, and that’s what I’m excited about — stepping in in a way that can help people. I believe there is an audience interested in seeing human connection, and seeing real people helping real people and holding people in pain.”

Real people in New York, L.A., Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Austin, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina will be able to see “The Daily Helpline” test run on TV. Elsewhere, viewers are being invited to sample via YouTube. A week’s worth of shows are in the can and more are being shot.

Adcox, who has guested on a number of shows in the past, including “The Doctors” and “Dr. Phil,” says he was initially asked to come in and help vet prospective hosts for “The Daily Helpline.” However, as the weeks went by, he went from being asked about other candidates to being asked how he would feel about taking on the hosting chores himself.

“It wasn’t my dream to do this, but it’s a neat opportunity for me to step into,” he says.

According to him, the celebs involved so far have been taking to the show as a neat opportunity as well. “Daily Helpline,” he says, is “not there to get the dirt on movie star. These celebrities are coming and sitting in our chairs to share an experience in order to help someone else. I was surprised — the few I had relationships with that I asked about doing the show, it wasn’t a hard ask. They were pleasantly excited about it.”

He says that Tom Green, for example, “was able to help someone probably more than we were because they were going through same experience Tom had and he was able to share how he got through it.”

That particular episode had to do with cancer and its accompanying stresses on personal and work relationships. Green, a testicular cancer survivor, has been a guiding light for countless men going through that ordeal for since his own battle in 2000.