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Paul Marcarelli Talks ‘The Green,’ ‘Clutter’ and Popular Pitchpeople

Paul Marcarelli

Filmmaker and Verizon pitchman Paul Marcarelli  is in talks with an actress he calls “an icon in her own right” to take on the lead in his dark comedy, “Clutter” — about you-know-what. 

 “On its surface, it’s about the complicated relationships between a compulsive hoarder and her grown children.  But it’s really about the stuff we hang onto that no longer serves us,” Marcarelli says.  He and his producing partner, Molly Pearson, expect to have “Clutter” before the cameras in March.

They have “The Green” in video-on-demand release available in some 55 million homes as of this month, on Amazon.com — and soon, in DVD release.  The film, about a gay drama teacher who is accused of inappropriate conduct with a student, is “the most exciting thing I’ve done in my career,” says Marcarelli.   It’s won a collection of top festival prizes, but even more important to him is the fact, “Wherever we’ve shown it, someone has stood up and said, ‘This reflects my experience.’  I’m not referencing teachers — although we have had quite a few teachers say, ‘This is my worst nightmare.’  But people from different walks of life who say the film reflects an experience in their own lives that they haven’t seen depicted before.”

Marcarelli makes it clear, “It’s definitely fiction, but I think these headlines are sort of common fixtures around the country.  They’re an easy attention grabber that lasts the life of a news cycle and then goes away.   But what happens in the life of someone accused, someone who is innocent?  What kind of toll does it take on them professionally and in their lives at home?”

MEANWHILE:  Marcarelli is generous with his praise for certain other familiar spokesactors.  Like Stephanie Courtney, a.k.a. Flo, the Progressive Insurance girl — “She’s fantastic!”  And Carly Foulkes, T. Mobile’s omnipresent girl in pink?  “A genius,” says Marcarelli.  “I love her.”

So what special something does it take to make a performer just right for the task of becoming the face of a product?  “I don’t know.  Is it lightning striking the right person at the right time?  I consider myself very lucky,” he says.  And he probably has incredibly good phone service?  “Of course I do.  It doesn’t hurt that I believe in this great product I use myself.”  Despite reports to the contrary, he’s still doing his Verizon gig.  “I’m at the ready for them whenever they want me.”