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Waiting Game for ‘Lying Game’ Says Helen Slater/ ‘The Internship’s’ Harvey Guillen

Cast of 'The Good Mother'

Cast of ‘The Good Mother’

Fans of ABC Family’s “The Lying Game” who have been wondering when the series will return, you’re not alone.  The series’ cast and crew are also wondering.  “We’re on hold,” reports Helen Slater.  “The show did really well for ABC Family and Lion’s Gate, so our fingers are crossed and we’re waiting to hear.  It’s a little curious they didn’t pick us up, considering the ratings.  But no one has said it’s over, so we’ll see.”

Slater has been busy with myriad other activities in the meantime.  She has Lifetime’s “The Good Mother” premiering Saturday (6/8).  In it, she stars as a woman afflicted with Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, the strange mental illness in which a parent or other caregiver secretly induces an illness in their child in order to get support and love.

“From an acting point of view, it was just such a phenomenal chance to dig in deep and have a really large emotional role.  I don’t usually get cast in that these days, so it was really very exciting,” says the actress who rose to fame as “Supergirl.”

Slater also has her Naked Angels theater company with Gina Gershon in New York.  And “I’m writing a musical of Greek mythology for children’s theater.  It’s going to be an audio book,” she says.  “I always have a bunch of stuff going on.”

Indeed.  Also ahead for Slater is a short film called “The Curse of Downers Grove,” and she’s filming an indie feature with Daphne Zuniga and Eric Roberts in Colorado called “A Remarkable Life.”

“Definitely my plate is full,” she acknowledges.  “It’s not always, but it is now.”Harvey guillen

GUY ON THE GO:  It was nearly too much of a good thing for young actor on the rise Harvey Guillen when he found himself with overlapping schedules on the upcoming “Aztec Warrior” comedy and this Friday’s (6/7) Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn release, “The Internship.”  When he got the call to come to Atlanta to shoot his role as a socially-awkward Harvard grad/Google intern, “I thought, ‘Oh great, a few days’ shoot’…And they were like, ‘No, you’ll be here for a month and a half.'” But the filmmakers ended up accommodating him.  Nevertheless, he could not have cut his job-to-job run closer. “I wrapped at three in the morning Friday, went to my hotel and got my stuff out, went to the airport at five, got on a plane and got to Atlanta in time for a fitting.”

And what a wardrobe he gets in the Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn flick about interns vying for jobs at the mighty global search engine. “His wardrobe is things his mom picked out for him, so it’s like pants that are very high-waisted, pleated jeans, short-sleeved collared white shirts — a lot of that — and prescription shoes.  He’s a fashion icon!  Needless to say he’s creating trends for hipsters you’ll be seeing in a couple of months.”

“The Internship” cast also includes Rose Byrne, John Goodman, Dylan O’Brien, Joanna Garcia,  Josh Gad, Max Minghella and “Gossip Girl’s’ Jessica Szohr.

Guillen, (who was recently recognized by GLAAD for his acting in the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Me What to Do” episode of “Raising Hope”), says that “The Internship” interns got to be friends off-camera during the shoot.  “We were so lucky, a lot of us are the same age group and we got to hang out together.  We did a lot of dinners after the days’ shooting.  And the last day, Eric Andre and I went swimming with whale sharks.”  That was just for fun, since they’d discovered the Atlanta Aquarium was near their production site.  “How often do you have the opportunity to swim with whale sharks in the largest aquarium in the nation?”

Not often.