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Judds, With Boundaries, a Harmonious Convergence These Days

"Can You Duet" Host Lance Smith with judges Scott Borchetta, Big Kenny and Naomi Judd

"Can You Duet" Host Lance Smith with judges Scott Borchetta, Big Kenny and Naomi Judd

Naomi and Wynonna Judd are doing “a full-out concert” at Connecticut’s Mohegan Sun resort next week.  It’s one of the occasional dual performances put on by the superstar mother-daughter act, who went separate ways in 1991, toured together in 2000, then went seven years before singing together publicly again, with tales of rifts along the way.

“We get offers, which is always such a sweet pat on the back,” notes Naomi.   “We were together at the Fan Fair concert the other day.  It was a treat for us.  On the bus, Wynonna and I were giggling, laughing and sharing.  We have respect for each other’s boundaries now.  The entire concert, I never had to worry that she was going to tear my hair out,” she adds with a laugh.

But seriously, “For anyone out there who is struggling with your relationship, I highly recommend counseling,” says Naomi, who successfully battled the Hepatitis C that caused her to back away from career seventeen years ago.  She went on to become a health advocate and celebrity guru of self-help and healing, who’s written several books and hosted her own mind-body-spirit-centered talk show, “Naomi’s New Morning.” She adds, “A few good communication techniques can make a world of difference.”

Naomi’s role as one of the judge-mentors on CMT’s hit reality competition series “Can You Duet” is what has most of her attention right now.  She really is emotionally involved.  “I watched the first show of this new season sitting on my couch with my dogs, eating my popcorn.  As a consumer, when I saw Big Kenny pass on Jonathan, I thought I was going to have a stroke,” she admits, referring to fellow judge Big Kenny Alphin.  “In my head, I’m screaming,. ‘This is one of the rawest and most exquisite talents I’ve ever heard – ever!'”

MEANWHILE: As for potential new Judds going into show business, Naomi says that Wynonna’s 14-year-old son Elijah has been serving as their go-fer.  “He’s such a sweet-natured kid.”  And her daughter Grace, 13, “says she wants to be a singer.  But I think right now she’s just getting all the [trappings] of celebritydom and all that.”  How would Naomi feel about Grace going into show business?  “I would rather see her be a nuclear physicist or paleontologist,” she replies.  Why?”  “Because I’m fascinated by those fields.”  This is from a woman who actually has nuclear physicists and a paleontologist – Jack Horner — among her friends.  She tells us she may go out on a dig soon with Horner, who’s known as “Jurassic Park’s” technical advisor among other things.