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New Grad Keke Palmer Hits the Gas, Career-Wise

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer reports she’s just graduated from high school — and she’s awfully relieved. ‘Hoo! Thank God. That was a lot of pressure on my back. Now it’s one less thing to worry about,’ declares the 16-year-old star of Nickelodeon’s ‘True Jackson, VP’ series — and the ‘True Jackson: Trapped in Paris’ movie that debuts on the channel tonight (5/22).

Keke, who rose to fame with acclaimed dramatic work in such fare as ‘Akeelah and the Bee’ and ‘The Wool Cap,’ tells us she may be stepping before the cameras in her first big screen teen comedy in coming weeks. She credits ‘True Jackson’ with giving her a place to show her comedic abilities. ‘Trapped in Paris’ even has her doing a rap song ‘on an airplane. It’s a really fun scene,’ she says.

She has other feature work on the horizon as well. But her main focus for this summer is her first album for Interscope Records.

‘It’s pretty much done. I can’t wait to get out there with the music. I’ve been very, very happy with response so far,’ says Keke. She did much of her recording during ‘True Jackson’ series shooting, heading to the studio after a day’s work was through.

The multi-talented performer, who keeps getting more beautiful, has been an fashion standout in the last couple of years — without joining the parade of pretty teenage talents who turn up in outfits cut down to there and up to who knows where. Asked about her image, she says, ‘I stay as classy as I can be and do everything I can to dress so that my parents and everybody likes it that I care about. That’s what matters. I have a very developed figure for my age. If someone thinks that I look sexy, I can’t control that..’

As far as continuing her education, Keke, who’s been home-schooled, has no doubts. ‘I’m going to Howard University,’ she tells us. But she doesn’t want to step away from her career to become a full-time college student. ‘I hope they can work with me on scheduling,’ she says.