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Mark Cuban Has Silly Side says Brad Sherwood

The Mark Cuban you see gleefully muscling other people out of deals on “Shark Tank” is not the same guy you’ll see on ABC’s “Trust Us With Your Life” show Tuesday (7/17).  “He’s actually very fun and outgoing and nice,” claims “Trust Us” talent Brad Sherwood.  “I think on their show, his persona is that of the completely hardcore businessman.  He has a totally different persona on our show, telling his stories from his life.  You’ll see on the show — he has a silly side.”

He certainly has a lusting-for-fame side.  Cuban evidently enjoys getting face time on television — don’t forget “Dancing With the Stars” — even though he obviously doesn’t need it.  This is the guy who owns Landmark Theaters and the Dallas Mavericks among many other things.  He’s worth a reported $2.3 billion, for crying out loud.

And now he’s landed on “Trust Us With Your Life.” For those who have yet to sample the ABC summer offering, it has Fred Willard as host and reteams Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Sherwood from “Whose Line is it Anyway” as well as other improvisational artists.  They apply their skills to re-enacting stories that celebrities tell about themselves — or at least, they use the real-life situations as a starting point for their wild improvs.

“We’ve all been together so many different times, not only on ‘Whose Line,’ but performing live together, and other stuff.   It’s nice to get the whole gang back on a show with improv, which is what we love to do,” Sherwood says.

Eight segments were shot.  “They’re going to run them, and depending on how they do,” Sherwood says, “they’ll decide if they want to do some more.”