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Something Smells Funny, Must be ‘Will Ferrell’

Will Ferrell

So, Will Ferrell wants a cologne of his own, eh?

That’s one of the intriguing factoids that comes to light in the funnyman’s 10 Things That Make Me Laugh list for Entertainment Weekly, due on stands tomorrow (10/29).  Item No. 5 states that Will finds “S,” Shakira’s new fragrance, funny, “but I’m also jealous.  Dammit, I want my own fragrance.”

Other items on his list include No. 7, “The Show ‘Hoarders.’  I know this is a disease, but how hard is it to clean out the garage?”

He gives props to fellow “Saturday Night Live” alums Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on the list – which does include straightforward items as well as silly ones.  And he reveals that he enjoys “The Knife Show” on MTV with Josh Horowitz:  “This is where I get most of my information on knives…and so should you.”

Ferrell’s “Megamind” opens Nov. 5.