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William Sanderson Fears What May Be Next From ‘Bar Karma’ Creators

William Sanderson Current TV photo

William Sanderson is having a blast playing a 20,000-year-old bartender in an establishment at the edge of the universe in Current TV’s new “Bar Karma” series.  However, the esteemed character actor admits the fact a bunch of internet users out there are determining aspects of his character and storyline “terrifies me.  They might want me to wear a Speedo,” he dead-pans.

“Bar Karma” is the production sparked by video game king Will Wright (Spore, The Sims), who envisioned a TV series created by an online community.  Former Nickelodeon Entertainment President Albie Hecht heads the creative team that works in conjunction with the internet group convened by Wright.  In fact, the community was responsible for putting Sanderson’s character, James, into a suit, and Sanderson likes that.  The “True Blood” and “Deadwood” veteran calls James “an impossibly old cynical misfit whose grasp on reality is loose, and who is flexible with the truth.

“It’s a gift to be doing this,” adds Sanderson.  “The writing is really good.  And the premise is interesting…What would happen if you could change your life?”

As far as his casting, “Probably the fact I was in ‘Blade Runner’ didn’t hurt,” he says.  At 63, he’s figuring that “Bar Karma” might just be “my last hurrah.  I’m going to wrap it up after this, probably.  But I’m very happy.”