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Shh! Don’t Tell William Shatner…

Will Sasso CBS photo

Fans of “MadTV” no doubt remember Will Sasso’s hilarious imitation of William Shatner playing Captain Kirk on “Star Trek.”  Now, Sasso’s on Shatner’s “Bleep My Dad Says,” debuting tonight 9/23).  His impression, he says, “hasn’t come up.  I don’t think Bill knows I do an impression of him.  Frankly, it’s something I can tell you I’ve been trying to keep from him.  I sort of see that as something that may draw a line between us as actors,” confesses the funnyman.

However, Sasso has resigned himself to the fact that Shatner is going to find out.

“It was just an overt caricature of Captain Kirk, not really Bill at all,” adds Sasso, an irrepressible mimic from childhood on.  Being around Shatner every day, surely Sasso has burnished his impression by now.  “I’ll do it with maybe one, two people around.  It’s something I have no practical use for,” he says.

Sasso says he’s been convinced of “Bleep My Dad Says” having an excellent chance for success ever since the first time he and the company did their show before an audience last spring.  “It was the first time a lot of people saw what Shatner was going to be doing with this role – this immediate marriage of material and Shatner’s style, his Shatnerisms, if you will.  He’s so comfortable and playful with the audience.  Bill will sit on a joke and hold it until he feels ready to let it pop, and the audience is like they’re on springs waiting for it.”

Sasso also says that although the profanity has been toned down from the show’s real-life roots on Twitter, “It’s not exactly clean.  There’s times we’re saying stuff I literally can’t believe we’re saying on television.”