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Poppy Montgomery: No Regrets About Mommy Break

Poppy Montgomery

Working moms have one of the hardest jobs in the world, which is why actress Poppy Montgomery tells us it was nice to take a long break after the cancellation of ‘Without A Trace.’  Plus, she was just dang tired!

‘It’s good to take a break and I think creatively it has to happen because you have to let yourself process seven years of playing one character,’ she notes.  Montgomery has since moved on to other projects, but raising her three-year-old son with boyfriend Adam Kaufman remains a top priority.

‘It’s hard for any working mom.  I don’t know how my mother did it, honestly, and she had three kids and not as much help as I have.  It’s a really delicate balancing act all the time.  Any woman who works and has kids, I take my hat off to them because I think it’s very challenging,’ notes the Australian actress.  ‘You want to make sure your kid gets enough time and nurture from you but you also want to earn money and have a life.’

Montgomery says her experience of raising a child certainly makes her appreciate her own mother’s hard work.  ‘Until I had a kid, I did not know what my mother went through and how much work she must have put in to raise seven, eight, nine children because we had step siblings.  It was like having a school.  They’re active and need help and guidance all the time.  But I love working and I love being a mother so you juggle as best you can.’

When asked if she and Kaufman plan to expand their family anytime soon, Montgomery responds, ‘I do definitely think I will have more kids, but I think this year I’m going to focus on work again because I took four months off already, which was a lot for me, because I’ve never taken time off.  We’re going to think about having more but not for a while.’  Sounds like she’s got her hands full already!

Emily-Fortune Fiemster