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Get Out Your Mel Meter, Camryn Grimes! It’s Time for Competitive Ghost Hunting

Camryn Grimes

The paranormal meets photogenic reality TV competition in Zak Bagans’ “Paranormal Challenge” — in which two teams of ghost hunters stay overnight at a purportedly haunted locale to see who can collect the most evidence of supernatural stuff.  Yes, really.  Tomorrow night’s (8/19) show has the ladies of Paranormal Hot Squad squaring off against the Ghost Bros team at Lompoc, California’s La Purisima Mission, site of a bloody 1823 battle between Spanish troops and Chumash tribespeople. 

“We have to sit there in our waiting room, in a pitch black dark lounge.  I was freaking out, I really was,” recalls Camryn Grimes, who guest ghosted with the Paranormal Hot Squad for the night.  “When they said, ‘All right teams.  Are you ready?  Go!’ the fear turns into adrenaline.  I’m very competitive.”

 The pretty 21-year-old actress of “The Young and the Restless” fame, as well as shows such as “NCIS,” has been a fan of paranormal shows for years — but says she’d never had a ghostly experience herself.  She says she went into “Paranormal Challenge” wanting to come out with answers, “saying ‘Yes, this is real,’ or ‘No, this is not real.'” 

Guess which way it went. 

 “I completely believe — completely,” says Camryn.  Put in charge of equipment, she says she crammed to learn as much as she could about ghost hunting gear as fast as possible.  She brought along “digital cameras, one infrared camera…a thermal imaging camera, two audio recorders…a Mel Meter…”

What’s a Mel Meter?  “That’s sort of the Swiss Army knife of paranormal investigation equipment,” answers Camryn.  She then describes the microprocessor-based hand-held instrument that detects temperature and Electro Magnetic Field changes and such.  She won’t give away what happens, but does say she’s become hooked on paranormal investigation as a result of the Travel Channel show.