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Bethany Hamilton to Join Ranks of Reality TV Stars?

Her story was told on the big screen.  And now, Bethany Hamilton might be heading to the small screen.  The one-armed surfing champ — whose comeback from a devastating shark attack to global recognition as a mighty source of inspiration was chronicled in last year’s “Soul Surfer” – reveals she has more than one reality show prospect in the works.  One is being pitched by producers now, “and I’m also teaming with my brother on a couple of things,” says the 22-year-old.  “It’s a hard world to get going in and conquer,” she adds.

Hamilton’s world now is pro surfing.  She just returned from back-to-back competitions in Australia, in fact.  Still, “I definitely think about my future and stuff — what five things I’m really passionate about.”

One of them is surfing.  A second is, “Encouraging people who are going through rough times.”  Her efforts as an Encourager have made Bethany into a public speaker, albeit a somewhat reluctant one.  She says with a laugh that sometimes, “It’s like you have to practically drag me up there on a leash, but once I’m talking to people, I like it.”

A third area of passion:  “Health and being able to encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle,” says Bethany, who recently taught contestants to surf on an episode of “The Biggest Loser.”  She’s also become a spokes-athlete for Zico Pure Premium Coconut Water – part of their Team Zico, along with such names as NBA All-Star Kevin Garnett and Olympic Gold Medal Decathlon champ Bryan Clay.  “I’m glad to be promoting something healthy, keeping it natural.  I drink it every day,” she declares.

And the other two things on the devout Christian’s list of passions — Faith and Family.  “God is so good to me, getting me through the hard times I’ve had in the past.  And if in the future there are hard times, I’ll be all right.  God is my strength,” she says.

Bethany does still stay in touch with AnnaSophia Robb, her big-screen alter ego.  She notes that the actress is “really busy right now, getting ready to graduate high school, and she has a new role on a TV show.”  For those who haven’t heard, Robb is playing the pre-“Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw in the CW’s fall-debuting “The Carrie Diaries,”  which is certainly a world away from “Soul Surfer.”